My first day as an escort : Story of an Escort

I had always admired my neighbor who seemed to be at the peak of her life. She drove a classy car, lived in a big and well furnished house. Everything she wanted was just at her reach. Surprisingly, she worked very few hours in a day.

On the contrary I worked three jobs in a day and still had an average life. The urge of learning her secret in life was too much that I couldn’t hold it anymore. I visited her house and requested to have a few minutes with her. I explained how I was struggling in life and requested her to get me a better and well paying job. She was very frank with me and told me she works as a female escort. I was so excited when she told me she’d have no problem training me to become one. After some thoughts I decided to give it a trial.

Meeting my first client

This was my wildest nightmare. I was so anxious of what would happen being with a total stranger in a room. I almost backed down was it not for my friend who assured me of my security. She promised to be on the look-out just in case of anything.

I started off as an independent Chennai escort. I went to an expensive hotel feeling ridiculously nervous. I walked through the lobby trying to calm my nerves. I was anxious the whole elevator ride to his room. I knocked lightly and waited for him to open. He opened the door and said hi with a smile. He was a polite, smart and clean guy. He just had so much going through his mind and wanted to let it out his chest. This made me relax a bit. We chatted for close to one hour and told me he was ready to leave. He paid more than we had agreed and became my regular client.

This turned out to be my best experience.

My first day as an escort Story of an Escort

My worst experience

The client insisted we go to his house. This was a dangerous move to make on your first day as an escort. However, I decided to risk for the money. He lived in suburbs of our neighboring town. We got to his house, served dinner and spent some time talking until it was late night.

After dinner he told me it was time for business. He requested me to undress and dance for him until he falls asleep. It was such a challenging task since dancing was not my thing. I requested him to change to a different task but he declined threatening to throw me out of his house. I was so afraid and my whole body felt numb. I had no choice than to adhere to his request amidst the fear of being thrown out in the night.

Today, I’ve become an expert and can’t allow anyone to bully me around.

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